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Why do you need independent consultation? Fiscali will bring you in touch with certified financial consultants.

1. Prevent double insurance, under insurance or over insurance

In some cases, additional insurance may be unnecessary because there is already coverage by another insurance of yours. Or are you sure that your insurance is adequate and covers your risk sufficiently?

2. Advice on curbing your costs generally

The consultant assesses your situation and provides advice tailored to your needs.

3. Help with claims

Did you suffer damages for which you can claim? Call your financial consultant! He/she will guide you through the claim process and make sure that critical deadlines are met.

4. Everything is handled by a trustworthy partner.

Make an appointment with your financial consultant

Do you have sufficient insight in your current and future finances? A financial plan will help you to utilize opportunities. Fiscali can partner with you and seek professional advice, both for entrepreneurs and individuals. Contact us for an appointment with a certified financial consultant.