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Advice for employees in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands we have extensive employment regulations regarding wages and benefits. There is a legal minimum wage, for instance. In most cases, so called Collective Labour Agreements (CAO’s) apply. This agreement is negotiated between the trade unions and employers for a certain work force (e.g. constructors). The agreement is binding to all employers providing similar work. Foreign employees, even if residents in their native country, also need to comply with the Dutch CAO’s to a great extent if they’re being hired by an employer in the Netherlands, also if it takes place through an employment agency.

The CAO’s all have certain provisions around absence due to sickness or disability, working hours and labour days, as well as wage brackets and many other arrangements. Would you like more information concerning the cao that applies to your job?

Labour conflicts in the Netherlands

Communication with an employer is not always easy, especially if lingual and cultural differences stand in your way. Labor conflicts in such circumstances are common. Constructive confrontation will help resolve such conflicts in most cases. We’ll gladly help you bridging language and culture gaps. Most of our clients are very satisfied with these and other services of ours.

For employees