Corporate Accounts

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Why keep professional and up to date accounts in the Netherlands?

Fiscali can point out the following benefits:

1. You are paid on time.

To run a successful business you need liquidity. This requires easy and fast processing of invoices and real-time access to payment information.

2. You can monitor your performance.

The accounts demonstrate the development of revenue, costs and profits. This is essential to your planning.

3. You can easily file your tax applications on time.

It’s quite a hassle to collect your invoices for the quarterly VAT application for instance. With a good administration your accountant can easily alert you and file on time.

4. You are in compliance with the law and regulations.

Your contacts with the Belastingdienst are efficient and fines due to late or incorrect applications are avoided

As an entrepreneur you need to keep correct and up-to-date accounts, file annual accounts for income- or corporate taxes and submit VAT or wage taxes quarterly or monthly. The effort to keep your accounts up-to-date and professional rewards you as a decisive and responsible entrepreneur.

Fiscali: your bookkeeper in the Netherlands

Keeping accurate and up to date accounts requires work and discipline. Work that most entrepreneurs are not very font of. To hire an administrative assistant can be an option. However this requires management, investments in software and limited flexibility to cope with peaks or troffs in the amount of work. Outsourcing is the answer . Fiscali can provide the service with professional equipment, software and staff and many years of valuable experience among over a hundred of peer businesses and entrepreneurs and thousands of private individuals.

Fiscali uses amongst other Exact® software, which has the largest market share in bookkeeping software in the Netherlands. This software is cloud-based and therewith accessible from any location, both by you and by Fiscali. All invoices, bank statements and other such as salaries are processed in this software with real-time links to your bank and personnel records. Through its leverage with a significant client base, Fiscali is able to work efficiently and to automate processes such as the application of OCR techniques in the booking process.

Do you also want to outsource your financial accounts or would you like advise on how to manage them? Please contact us.

Corporate Accounts