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Which tax applications do I need to submit as an entrepreneur in the Netherlands?

Fiscali can take care of all compulsory tax submissions for you. We collaborate with registered Tax Advisors, who are continuously aware of developments and the last updates in the Dutch tax law. As such we can take care of:

1. VAT applications in the Netherlands

VAT stands for value added tax, also known as “indirect” tax and applied throughout the European Union on the value of sold goods and services.

2. Payroll tax in the Netherlands

For your staff your are bound to submit payroll tax applications. These consist of tax, social security contributions, contributions to state pension plans and income dependent contributions to the health care system.

3. Income tax application in the Netherlands

Income tax is applicable to all paid labour. Payroll tax is a pre-tax to income tax and will be deducted from the annual tax bill, which may lower or higher depending on individual circumstances such as the use of a company care or mortgage obligations. Income tax is applicable to employees, self-employed entrepreneurs, partnerships or firms

4. Corporate tax application in the Netherlands

Corporate tax is taxation of profits of corporations (NV’s or BV’s). Corporate tax applications are complex and require in-depth knowledge of the applicable tax law. In addition, depending on the size of the corporation, annual accounts may need to be audited.

Outsource your tax applications

Outsource your tax applications and let us take care of them. Contact us to inquire about our services.

Tax Applications