Health Insurance

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What is a health insurance in the Netherlands?

Health insurance, “zorgverzekering” or "ziektekostenverzekering" insures you against cost of medical treatment and medical care. Think about visiting your General Practitioner, the hospital or cost of medicine. You may select different options:

1. Base insurance

Base insurance covers all basic treatment and care as determined by the Health Care Authority (NZa). The costs encompass the GP, hospital of pharmacy. Base insurance requires a self-contribution up to €360 per annum (in 2014). Hence you need to carry the first €360 by yourself. You may choose a higher self-contribution in return for a lower premium. Base insurance is compulsory for anyone who:

  • Lives in the Netherlands
  • Works in the Netherlands and is subject to payroll tax
  • Comes to live in the Netherland s, but already has insurance abroad.

Even in the latter case a base insurance is still required. If you do not purchase insurance you may be fined at 30% of the accrued premiums for the period you were supposed to be insured. In addition premiums will still be due for the entire period.

 2. Additional insurance

Additional coverage for elective treatments which are not part of the base offer is possible. Think about the dentist or fysiotherapy.

Health Insurance in the Netherlands